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Recently there was a new label called “Deafaid” started. Their first release is a 12″ vinyl compilation with tracks by me, Slownoise, Ohmikron and DryKru. It is now available to order from or pre-order on label’s bandcamp page, which is On bandcamp there are 4 bonus tracks, so i’d recommend to get it from there.

This is the first time my music was pressed on vinyl, so it’s exciting for me. :)


My new album “Namo” will come out on April 28 on Cold Tear Records, and my own site as well. It will contain 14 original tracks and a remix by Quantec. Check out the preview below:


A collective called Radiant Child’s which not so long ago took an interview from me, and ivited to play some music on an online event are now putting out a CD compilation called “Sequence”. My track is also on it. It is now available for pre-order and streaming via bandcamp. Very high quality stuff on it by artists like Zzzzra, Textural Being, Brickman, Grad_U, Spaceci, Havantepe etc. Check it out:

So since my last post about lithuanian ethnic culture, i kept listening to “sutartines” (ancient, polyphonic lithuanian chants/songs) and checking out other things in that field. What i realised is that every culture has their own way of meditation with sound. For example christians have rosary prayer, hindu and buddhist have mantras, muslim sing texts from Koran and there are also somekind of chant where they sing many different names of God. Shamans hit their drum and also chant something. All these different cultures have their own way to raise their conciousness to high levels by using sound. In lithuanian ancient religion there is sutartines. Inspired by all of this i started taking these songs and remaking them into Giriu Dvasios dub tracks. I am now thinking that i might make a whole album with lithuanian ancient sutartines, hoping that it will cause some people to study this ancient form of art and spirituality.

I’m going to share some very nice videos that i discovered while researching ethnic culture.

In the first one, i love the whole setup. The dance that goes together with a chant, the drums are great here, they give this power to this chant, and the mellody is also very powerful. I also love the way these people are dressed. I’m blown away by this video, i can hardly explain why :) It brings a lot of emotions for me. Maybe i have memories from my past lives, or something… I know the quality of video is not great, but still, what a fantastic event.

The next one is the same chant, but sang by only five people. Their collective is called “Aistvara”. In this one you can hear this chant more clearly and the quality of the video and sound is a little bit better. However i must admit, that this chant sounds better with a bigger ensemble.

The next one is a very similair song, but it’s slightly different. Words are a little bit different and the mellody as well. As awesome as the one before though. Judging by the voices i hear, i think it is sang by a collective called “Trys Keturiose”, but at that time, when this recording was made (1986), they didn’t have a name yet. Just my guess, i’m not sure how it really turned out.

I like the next one because it has an interesting mellody and it has a positive vibe. Some sutartines sound kind of sad, some sound happy, and some are something above what is sad or happy, perhaps transcendental? :)

I seem to really enjoy watching sutartines being sang when they have some movement by singers involved as well. Especialy when they walk towards each other back and fourth and bow in front of each other. I don’t even know what that means. We can see here that when singing sutartines, sometimes it’s not just voices that interact, but physical body movement as well. I have an example of that performed by KÅ«lgrinda collective.

The next video is a compilation of rituals, chants and dances performed by Kulgrinda, with their song “Dijuta Kalnali” in the background.

Fascinating stuff. Too bad the majority of the ancient lithuanian spiritual knowledge and knowledge about nature was lost during some harsh history of Europe. Again, we’re just scrathcing the surface here. But i hope you’ll enjoy it.

Slow Living volume 2

A net label called “Drift Deeper Recordings” run by a Dub Techno Blog released a big dub techno compilation. It is available for free download. My track is on it, amongst artists like Alexander Saykov, OhmikRon, Ohrwert, Textural Being, F.l.o. and many more.

Check it out here:

This blog from Poland asked me if i’d do an interview and a podcast for them. I agreed. The interview was written in polish, but i decided to make an english version for you. And while you are reading it enjoy the podcast.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Hi. I remember it was around 2010 when I heard Metai for first time. It was amazing.

Giriu Dvasios: Thanks, it features some of the earliest Giriu Dvasios works so really glad to hear that.

Tobiesobiemiastu: When did you start producing music?

Giriu Dvasios: I have started when i was around 13-14 years, that’s around year 2000. But i started Giriu Dvasios in 2009.

Tobiesobiemiastu: And why did you choose dub?

Giriu Dvasios: I have a friend who used to show me dub techno tracks, i kind of liked them but i wasn’t into it that much. I decided to try to make a dub techno track my self, because i always liked challenges in music. So after i made it i liked it too much and i couldn’t put it under my current moniker at that time (SoulSonic). It sounded too different. So i decided that i need a new artist name for this track, and for my future dub techno tracks, because i knew i’m going to make more. That’s how it started. I chose it because i liked producing it i guess. It’s quite a defined style, so it’s an opportunity to be creative and go beyond the definition.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Recently I spoke with a Polish producer Blazej Malinowski, who is making dub techno. He is one of very few in Poland in this genre. What is the situation in Lithuania?

Giriu Dvasios: Dub Techno scene here is very small. There are only few DJ’s playing dub techno, and only few producers making it. But Giriu Dvasios is somewhat popular here, and that’s unexpected to me. All in all the scene is good in Lithuania, we have a lot of DJ’s and producers, a lot of electronic music festivals, parties, events. There is enough action in electronic music in our country.

Tobiesobiemiastu: And what about your influences?

Giriu Dvasios: when i started making dub techno the biggest influences were “Idei Lahesna” album by Octex, Deepchord and most importantly Rhythm & Sound. I guess Rhythm & Sound is still an influence and inspiration. Right now i’m heavily influenced by lithuanian ethnic songs, chants and music in general. I spend a lot of time studying ancient baltic culture. I feel like i am supposed to know more about my ancestors. I think it’s important to point out that Giriu Dvasios in lithuanian mean Spirits of the Woods, which i think sounds quite archaic.

Tobiesobiemiastu: My girlfriend called dub techno music, music from the forest.

Giriu Dvasios: It’s interesting that a lot of people imagine woods when they hear dub techno.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Are the titles of your tracks and albums lithuanian?

Giriu Dvasios: Yes.

Tobiesobiemiastu: What are your plans for the future?

Giriu Dvasios: I have many ideas and plans, but we’ll see how 2014 unfolds. Right now i might release an EP on vinyl together with another producer. I won’t reveal any more details yet. I am also trying to work out a CD release. I also have an idea of an album with ethnic lithuanian songs. But again, who knows what may happen.

Tobiesobiemiastu: Five favorite albums of all time.

Giriu Dvasios:

  • Brock Van Wey – White Clouds Drift On and On
  • ASC – Time Heals All
  • Atheus – Compile
  • The Tuss – Rushup Edge
  • Yagya – Will I Dream During The Process

Tobiesobiemiastu: Thank you for the interview!

Giriu Dvasios: Thank you.

To check out the original polish interview click on the following link:



Let me introduce you a new feature on my website – the workshop. This is a place where you can submit your own tunes, for me to listen and then comment, give advice, maybe teach something. All the other members of the site are also allowed to comment on your track and give advice as well, so we can have a discussion, and hopefuly learn something from each other (me included)! However it is accessible only for registered members. (Registration page)

Here’s how it looks like:

Screenshot of a "workshop"

Screenshot of a “workshop”

To submit a track you have to click on “Click here to Submit a Track”, and then you’ll have to fill out a small form which looks like this:

Screenshot of a track submission form

Screenshot of a track submission form

It doesn’t necessarily has to be a Soundcloud link, it can be any embedable player with your track. However Soundcloud is recommended. After you’ve done that, i will receive an e-mail with all the info and links. I will listen to your track and post it on the main workshop page with comments, suggestions etc. I will try to be as constructive and objective as i can. I will try to have in mind that some things depend on taste and what you prefer, not just technique. After that you can respond and hopefuly other memebers will also take part in it and post their opinions.

That’s all i guess. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me. If you can’t wait to try this new feature, go ahead and submit something!

Memberships that were payed with a one time payment for a year are now ending, and a lot of them have now ended. The system automaticaly removes the members under this category, who had an account for over a year. I’m unfortunately not able to track every membership and let you know about that. As it is the first time that happened i’m going to be looking for the way to notify every member if their membership is ending. I’m really sorry if you didn’t expect that.

Anyway, if you want to be able to download my stuff in 2014 (and there will be new releases), you can get a new account for another year again. Register page is here:

All the best wishes from Lithuania!


I have 200 download credits on bandcamp. So i decided to give all of my releases away for free, until i run out of free downloads. Regardless of how long it is going to take. Nothing else to say, just go to and get it all in FLAC or WAV.

That’s it, 200 download credits were spent. “Esu” totaly dominated the downloads, without any competition. Thanks to all who downloaded my music, and especialy thanks to those who decided to pay even when it was available for free!

I feel kind of guilty in front of my fans for not releasing any new material since “Esu“. I know other artists release even less stuff, but i am used to making a new album every year. I feel especialy guilty in front of those people who have paid memberships on my website. I mean you guys are supporting me every month, and there’s nothing new for months. So i decided to make a blog post about what’s going on, because there is stuff going on.

I’ve been having enough material to put out another album for some time now, but various circumstances have got in the way. At first i got an offer from a label that i like very much, but i won’t mention the name, because it didn’t work out. It was an offer to release an EP. I was excited so i decided to release my full album after that. But somehow i wasn’t able to offer anything that would satisfy the label owner’s taste. So i moved on to planning my album.

At that point my idea was to record all of my album on magnetic tape with one of my reel-to-reel tape recorders. I like the sound of a tape a lot. But i couldn’t get the sound right. I decided to by some new, undamaged tape and hoped that it’ll work out. But then other problems have surfaced. The recorders that i have are very old, and every one of them have various problems. If i fix one thing, then another problem appears. Then i tried it with a cassette recorder. But the results weren’t satisfactory. After numerous tries i just gave up, i got tired of those old machines, that are not good for any serious work any more. So, i decided to do a digital album, like usual.

Then i asked another label, that was interested in my music earlier, if they are still interested. And they were. They release great looking, interesting CD packages. And everything seemed like it’s going to happen. However, they didn’t reply to any of my e-mails any more.

However, that wasn’t the end of all. I received another offer. A very intriguing one which i couldn’t turn down. I cannot reveal the details of it, before i am 100% sure that it’ll work out. So now, i am waiting to see how that will unfold, and after this i will get back to the full album release again, regardless if the current project succeeds or fails. If it succeeds i will have some good news to tell you, if not i will have good news anyway, because like i said – album material is ready for mastering and other work.

So that’s what’s going on. But it’s only the Giriu Dvasios part of my life, there are also other side projects, and my label, and life in general.

Please stay with me and be patient, i have things coming up.

Best regards!