As time is going by, sometimes good things happen, which i don't know about. But eventually, in one way or another i find out about these things.

One of those things is the fact that a well known techno producer known as Steve Bug has put my track "Žemaičio Žodis" from my self released album "Esu" on his chart in Beatport. Check it out:

When i saw this i wasn't especially thrilled, because i haven't had heard of Steve Bug at that point. After a week or two i decided to share about it on my official Giriu Dvasios facebook page. Then i got some comments from couple of friends and fans, talking about this fact of being charted by Steve Bug as an achievement. Then i googled him a bit, and figured out that i am supposed to be proud.

Another good thing that happened, without me realising how good that is, is that the same track was also featured on Cadenza Music podcast. I just shared the link with one of my friends because his track is also on this mix. Then another friend posted it on facebook with congratulations to us. Then he explained to me that Cadenza music is a great label. I am quite unatached from the scene as you can see, i don't know any of the big names!..

Alright, let's move on. Not a huge thing, but i enjoyed being on the mix together with yagya, intrusion, biosphere etc. Check it out:

Quite an unusual thing for me is to be tagged on the wall of a city, in a graffiti painting. But as much as i'm trying to be humble and modest, i'd lie if i said that i'm not pleased about that. Check it out below:

Graffiti with Giriu Dvasios tag

Just some little things that brighten my day sometimes :)

See you soon!

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