Girių Dvasios is a Dub Techno, Electronic dub and ambient music project started in early 2009. The name of the project means "The Spirits of The Woods" in Lithuanian. The sound of Girių Dvasios is inspired by ancient Baltic culture and the nature of this area. A big inspiration and influence comes from thick forests of Lithuania. Every Girių Dvasios track has a Lithuanian name, which is in one way or another related to nature.


Hi there! There's something i want to tell you...

If you're too lazy to read, you can watch this video below, where i'm telling the same, only in a shorter and quicker way. Otherwise scroll down a little bit more and read the message!

Welcome to my website! I hope that you like my music. I started Giriu Dvasios project in early 2009, but i've been making music for over 10 years. During that time a chased a dream of getting signed to a good record label and starting my career that way. But after many disapointments i decided to start my own record label in 2010. It was the best decidion i have made in my life, because it was a great experience. I was forced to learn many good things and to take my destiny into my owns hands. But most importantly it opened my eyes. I don't want to get signed by a record label any more. I want to be an independent artist. I want to connect with my fans directly without any labels, distributors or publishers in the way. Screw all of them! :)

At this point in my life, i want to have a nice place online, where i could connect with people who like my music. And that's why i created this website.

If you're not familair with Giriu Dvasios music, you can find some bandcamp players at the top of this page. But for my true fans i have something special. There is a membership on this website which costs $1 per month. It allows you to download all of my discography for free, to check out some unreleased material, and even order a CD for FREE. I will actually send you my CD for free, just for being a member. The only thing you're paying for is the membership fee. So if you want that click on 'Register Now' button below.

- Unlimited downloads anytime;
- Order FREE CD albums;
- Get access to unreleased music;
- Submit your own tracks in a "workshop";
- Get latest info first;
- Only $1 a month;
- More stuff coming up, only for registered and subscribed members.